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Mike McKeon, Chair of the Brexit Advisory Group By Mike McKeon CA, Chair ICAS Brexit Advisory Group

19 June 2017

Over the past months, the Brexit agenda has advanced and a greater understanding of the issues achieved. 

But even more, much more, work has to be done to achieve an acceptable state of affairs by March 2019.

What do you think?

ICAS will continue to engage with members and other stakeholders on Brexit. We look forward to understanding the results of the second Brexit Tracker Survey of members, which are due out over the summer.  

We will be meeting members in Europe to understand their views – we need EU “into” the UK views as much as we seek the reverse.  We have recently met members in Paris and Switzerland, with a visit to Germany planned for later in the year.  

We are also holding a joint Brexit event in late June in Dublin with Chartered Accountants Ireland where the Ireland-UK border question will no doubt be high on the agenda.

Trade agreements

We will be looking to see what we can learn from others who have achieved trade and economic arrangements with the EU.

The CETA agreement (EU – Canada: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), ratified in February 2017 is a case where lessons for the UK can be learned.  Both from the point of view of EU-partner trade arrangements, but also from any effects this may have had on intra-Canada trade.

We look forward to bringing further insights when the work is done.

Pragmatism rules

Brexit is now very much a working reality for the UK Government and for many people and businesses across the UK.  

Following the somewhat raw emotion in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, a pragmatic approach is emerging even if the public and political rhetoric often sways back stubbornly to the emotional.  

This is understandable as Brexit matters to many.  However, what is also understandable and, indeed, increasingly understood, is that the UK will need an acceptable way of functioning beyond March 2019. And we at ICAS, will continue to support that goal.

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