The best paying companies for UK directors - Glassdoor report

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By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

3 January 2017

The financial services industry has dominated a list of the UK’s 10 highest paying companies for directors, according to a new report.

The study, by jobs and recruitment site Glassdoor, shows that out of the 10 companies that pay their directors the most, five are in the banking sector, three are in the accounting sector, one is in asset management, and one is in the tech industry.

Deutsche Bank took the top spot, paying its directors an average base salary of £126,008, closely followed by Barclays in second place, with an average base salary of £125,000.

Sitting at number six, PwC was the highest paying accountancy firm on the list, paying directors an average of £115,000. EY and KPMG placed seventh and ninth respectively.

The 10 highest paying companies for directors in the UK

Company Average base salaryIndustry
1. Deutsche Bank£126,008Banking
2. Barclays £125,000 Banking
3. J.P. Morgan£123,383Banking
4. HSBC£120,000Banking
5. Morgan Stanley£115,000Banking
6. PwC£115,000Accounting
7. EY£110,000Accounting
8. BlackRock£102,070Asset Management
9. KPMG£102,000Accounting
10. Oracle£97,440Technology

Source: Glassdoor

Oracle, the software provider specialising in cloud based systems, rounds off the list as the only company not in the financial services sector with an average director salary of £97,440.

The report was based on salaries anonymously shared with Glassdoor by UK directors between September 2013 and the same month in 2016.

Source: Glassdoor


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