The best (and worst) places for job satisfaction in the world

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

21 March 2016

Ireland is the happiest place to work in Europe and London is the top city for job satisfaction in the UK, according to a new survey.

The recruitment website, Indeed, has compiled a list of the best, and worst, countries and cities to work in based on job satisfaction.

Ireland came fourth in the global rankings, with Dublin also topping the list of the happiest cities to work in Europe, ranking above London which came in second. London was also the only UK city to feature in the top 10.

The UK was ranked in 22nd place overall, behind Colombia (#1), Australia (#11) and Canada (#17).

It was bad news for Germany however, as the country was ranked as the second worst country for job satisfaction in the world, beaten only by Japan which clinched the top spot.

What are the main happiness influences in the workplace?

  1. Work-life balance
  2. Management
  3. Culture
  4. Job security and advancement
  5. Compensation and benefits

The website gathered the data by pulling together the ratings given to companies on the site by current and former employees. The one to five-star ratings can also be awarded to individual aspects of working life, giving an insight into how they influence the employee’s overall job satisfaction.

A good work-life balance was ranked as the most important factor related to job happiness, while compensation and benefits ranked the lowest. The data seems to show that having a clear distinction between an employee’s work life and their personal time is more important to them than a high wage and bonus package.

Top 10 cities in Europe for job happiness

  1. Dublin
  2. London
  3. Stockholm
  4. Rome
  5. Madrid
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Paris
  8. Brussels
  9. Vienna
  10. Berlin

Location, location, location

There are six European countries separating the UK from Ireland at the top of the list, but London ranks second on the happiest cities list under Dublin.

Similarly, Spain ranks higher for overall worker happiness than Italy or Sweden, but the capitals of both of those countries—Stockholm and Rome—beat Madrid.

Working in a capital city, which is seen as a hub of activity, looks to be a major influencer when it comes to job satisfaction.

Happiest countriesUnhappiest countries
1. Colombia1. Japan
2. Mexico2. Germany
3. Russia3. South Africa
4. Ireland4. France
5. Brazil5. Poland
6. Norway6. Malaysia
7. Chile7. Austria
8. New Zealand8. Singapore
9. Spain9. India
10. Venezuela10. China

Source: Indeed


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