The 10 most optimistic countries in the world

By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

2 May 2017

In a global survey of over 40,000 people, Brunswick Insight have determined that people in China are the most optimistic about the financial future of their country’s children.

The international advisory firm polled participants in 26 countries around the world for their perspectives on the economic climate and potential of their home nations.

Asian countries rated the financial future of their country’s children particularly highly, partially due to the optimism of emerging markets like Indonesia. These emerging economies reported an overall net positive outlook of +40 from respondents, while developed countries had a negative reaction of -9.

Jeremy Ruch, a Director for Brunswick Insight based in London, noted that the data shows a wide range of opinion among markets. He said: “Economic anxiety in the US and across Europe has been in the spotlight over the past 12 months. Yet, our data shows that emerging markets are actually very positive about the future.”

Data source: Brunswick Insights


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