TED on technology: Should you be anxious about automation?

By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

4 August 2017

New advancements in technology are forging the cutting edge of business but where are they going to lead? This series of TED Talks, hosted by experts in the field of tomorrow's tech, explain how the building blocks created today are shaping the future.

An area that holds some of the greatest potential for change, and therefore some of the greatest trepidation, is automation. From its roots in the industrial revolution to developing their own languages in present day, machines have been learning to do the same jobs that humans can. Today, they sort mail, run credit checks, grade school work, diagnose diseases and drive cars.

Is the job economy at risk? How many people can expect to be made redundant by technology in the next 30 years? Machine learning expert Anthony Goldbloom explains why businesses need to strategise.

The jobs we'll lose to machines - and the ones we won't | Anthony Goldbloom | TED Talks

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