Start-up culture in the US: Vinny Catricala CA at Uber

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Andrea Murad By Andrea Murad, CA Today

30 May 2017

Andrea Murad talks to Vinny Catricala CA, driver operations and logistics manager at Uber, about start-ups, culture and how the CA qualification has been its own driving force.

What’s the culture like at a start-up?

“You’re encouraged to be yourself. We’re more about the results you’re delivering and the quality of your work versus your appearance or facetime in the office.

“In the tech culture, there’s no beating around the bush. You’re encouraged to be direct rather than sugar coat the situation, and the best idea always wins.

“One of our core values is working hard and smart. We’re always looking to use our internal tools to automate or make things more efficient.

“You don’t always know where to start or what the answer is, which can be stressful, but no idea is too crazy and we’re working towards a common goal.”

Was it a risk to work at a start-up?

Vinny Catricala CA

“At the time, walking away from my seemingly secure job at EY did seem like a risk, but I felt like at that point in my career, without any commitments or big financial obligations, it was a risk worth taking.”

How are decisions made at Uber?

“My job is super analytical — we say “super” a lot at Uber. There’s a lot of uncharted territory at Uber, and the problems we face require identifying the core issues and developing solutions.

“Uber has all the data in the world, and sometimes it’s just figuring out how to analyse the data to make key decisions. That’s core to ICAS case studies where you need to understand the complexity of a business to identify the problems and develop tangible solutions.

We look at both financial and operational data... which is exactly what my due diligence experience at EY prepared me for.

“At Uber, everything we do is data-driven and we never make a decision without sound data behind it.

“We’re in a position now that we’ve scaled fast and spent a lot of money doing it. Now, we’re working on being more efficient while having the same impact growing our business.

“Profitable growth has never been more important, but we always want to make sure our drivers are earning enough – it’s a balance. We look at both financial and operational data to do that, which is exactly what my due diligence experience at EY prepared me for.”

Can you describe the office?

“There’s a lot of energy with relatively young employees. We’re in an old converted NYC warehouse with exposed brick, an open floor plan and standing desks.

“We have great perks; like you can bring your dog to work, yoga every Tuesday, an iced coffee tap, and a recreational area with a Ping-Pong table - I promise we do work there as well!”

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