Small business company cars: Are you spending too much on your fleet?

By Murray Wilkinson, Camargue Group

10 June 2015

Murray Wilkinson from ICAS commercial partner Camargue Group discusses how you could cut the costs of vehicle fleet management.

The average UK small business is now spending around £1,700 to maintain their company cars, according to a recent survey.

In fact, one in five businesses are spending more than £2,000 per car.

The survey, conducted by RAC Business,  also found that companies in Scotland are feeling the pinch on expenses more than the rest of the UK, with more than a third of them spending £3,000 – £4,000 per year on company cars alone.This is up to four times more than companies in the East Midlands.

East Midlands small businesses showed the least financial stress, with 44 per cent spending between £1,000 – £1,500.

There are obviously significant financial challenges that small businesses are facing with cash flow and keeping running costs down. RAC Business has recommended that these businesses look for alternative fleet management options.

When you're running a small business you could benefit from working with a vehicle management company to reduce costs. The cost of running company vehicles mainly comes down to the cost of regular maintenance, but compared to the price of repair, breakdown recovery and so on, it can be a much better solution.

Vehicle management companies like Camargue have contacts with various manufacturers and dealers with access to preferential supply terms. They specialise in providing their clients with cost effective, time saving solutions, this applies to single vehicles or small to large fleets.

Camargue Group and ICAS have partnered to provide a complimentary Vehicle Cost Audit to any business who wants to take advantage of our services.

Find out more about your vehicle cost audit.

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