Sir Brian Souter's leadership secrets: Part 1

Sir Brian Souter
By Sir Brian Souter CA

8 October 2015

The ICAS Conference takes place on 27 November 2015 and the prestigious panel of speakers includes Stagecoach Chairman and ICAS Vice President Sir Brian Souter CA.

Sir Brian will be speaking about the four great gifts leaders give their people, and in the run up to the ICAS Conference, he is sharing his thoughts on leadership in a series of weekly articles.

Great leaders give their people four gifts – responsibility, recognition, personal development and fulfilment.

They realise their people are hungry for responsibility, so they feed that need.

They understand that recognition is more valuable than financial reward.

They know that personal development is the springboard to greatness.

They appreciate that fulfilment is what makes hard work worthwhile.

Give your people these four gifts today and you will spawn the leaders of tomorrow.


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