7 ways to protect your firm from cyber attacks

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By Nick Huber, CA Magazine

19 May 2017

The world had not witnessed a ransomware cybersecurity attack of the magnitude that unfolded last week.

Over 300,000 computers were infected around the world; in the UK, the NHS reported widespread IT failures. What's more, the National Cyber Security Centre believes the danger is not over.

Experts and industry leaders had warned of the ever present and constantly evolving threat of cybercrime; a big attack was foretold.

Despite the warnings, high-profile companies and government organisations around the globe fell victim to WannaCry. 

We outlined the cyber threats to CAs previously; on 20 September at the ICAS Conference 2017 we will discuss the true threat of cybercrime;  here, we present a series of measures you can take to secure your firm's data from cyber attacks.

Cyber security checklist

Cyber insecurity: how worried should we be about hackers, ransomware and cyberspies? 

Find out at the ICAS Conference 2017. In the wake of ransomware attacks on the NHS and major hacks of global corporations, how do we make the country’s digital security stronger and repel attacks that threaten entire industries?John Shaw, Vice President, Product Management, Enduser Security Group, Sophos Plc will address this and more on 20 September at the EICC, Morrison Street, Edinburgh.

The full version of this article, which was produced in association with Brodies, can be found in the May 2017 edition of CA magazine


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