Seven festive gifts for CAs

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

22 December 2016

Are you struggling for gift ideas for the CA in your life? Worry not, as the CA Today elves have got you covered with our gift guide.

1. Laptop bag  

The busy CA can often be found on the move, traveling back and forth between meetings with clients, with every bit of technology they own crammed into a backpack or the bulky case that came with their laptop. 

But just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. Knomo bags has a wide range of stylishly sophisticated laptop sleeves and cases which are slightly easier on the eye than the usual black mass of Velcro.

Laptop bag

2. Adventure day experience 

Since the release of Ben Affleck's action flick The Accountant the finance professional in your life may be thinking that they too are a bit of an action hero.

Indulge them by signing them up to a Red Letter Days experience. With loads of adrenaline pumping experiences on offer like Aston Martin racing, skydiving and spy training, you’re sure to find something for the wannabe action hero in your life.

Base jump

3. Noise cancelling headphones 

For many CAs, the daily commute can be an opportunity to get a head start on the day's work. But the hustle and bustle of packed trains and buses can be more than a slight distraction. Noise cancelling headphones are a great way to tune out from the buzz around you and help you focus.

Bose are one company offering high quality headphones which are sure to put a smile on a CAs face come Christmas morning.


4. Food delivery subscription 

As mentioned above, the commute to and from work can take up a large chunk of a CA’s day. Sometimes the thought of heading to the shops to try and decide what you’re cooking for dinner is not as appealing as slumping down on the couch and reaching for the takeaway menu.

Treat a CA (or yourself) with a subscription to a company like Hello Fresh. Your hungry CA will have fresh ingredients delivered to their door each week along with a recipe cards to take them through the process of cooking a delicious and balance meal.


5. Business card holder

A CA knows that networking is a key aspect of career progression. The ritual swapping of the business cards has been a part of networking events for years.

Instead of having to fish a fistful of crumpled cards out of a pocket or the bottom of a bag, add a touch of class with a personalised business card holder. These flashy little accessories have a varied price range, but the silver plated offering we found from Thomas Lyte comes in at a reasonable £25, not including the cost of engraving.

Business cards

6. Travel mug 

If one coffee in the morning before heading off to work just isn’t enough, many CAs might make a pit stop at the nearest coffee chain for an extra hit. But, CAs being CAs, one eye will be on their outgoings, and the daily extra shot from the coffee house adds up!

A sleek new travel mug like the Contigo will help them keep their costs down and their caffeine levels at the optimal levels.

Travel mug

7. Balance sheet tie

Looking for a last-minute stocking filler for a finance professional? Look no further as we give to you, the balance sheet tie.

Balance sheet tie

Image credit: Cyberoptix, Etsy

Not only is this tie a fashion statement, it could be used to help an accountant out of a sticky situation. What if their phone and laptop simultaneously run out of battery and they need to quickly balance some figures?

This is when the balance sheet tie will swoop in to save the day. A ledger you can tie around your neck.


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