Proposal to harmonise global membership fees


19 February 2015

ICAS Council is seeking approval from members to harmonise non-EU subscription rates with EU membership fees over a three year period.

ICAS Council is seeking approval from members at April's Special General Meeting (SGM) for a proposal to harmonise the non-EU subscription rates with EU membership fees gradually by 2018.

This is to address an anomaly where members in European countries currently pay more than members elsewhere in the world.

The proposal recommends that the fees are aligned over a three year period, starting in 2016. The current EU (including the UK) membership fee is £438.

ICAS is recommending the harmonisation of fees due to its increasing international network, influence and activities. This year will see ICAS enter the next phase of its digital transformation to serve and support CAs around the world. International member networks and events have also been expanded significantly in recent years.  

To hear more about our commitment to creating a global community, please watch this brief video.

ICAS now has over 20 international networks, including New York, Sydney and Hong Kong. These communities provide networking opportunities for members based overseas, as well as opportunities for members on secondment, or recently relocated, to meet with and connect to their local CA community.  

Anton Colella, ICAS Chief Executive, said that ICAS was committed to ensuring that all members gain value from their membership, regardless of their location.

He said: "It seems unfair that members outside Europe pay a different rate. As a globally recognised qualification, non-EU members receive the same value from having the CA designation as other members. This also comes at a time when our technical, regulatory and influencing activities are increasingly international.

"Our digital investment to connect our membership across the world will also, over time, mean that members can access the same networks and knowledge wherever they are in the world. It removes the geographical barrier to accessing services like our new mentoring programme which are being taken up by members right across the globe.

"ICAS Council felt that this proposed change gives fairness with other categories of membership. The proposal also brings ICAS into alignment with other bodies which have increasingly moved towards harmonising their rates."

Ken Morrison, Chair of the ICAS Hong Kong community, commented: "ICAS is really encouraging its overseas members to connect with each other. Just recently we held a stimulating roundtable discussion event with The CA magazine on the future of Hong Kong, with ICAS members and others taking part, and we held an enjoyable dinner and reception for members to mark the visit of the President and Chief Executive.

"There are around 150 ICAS members in Hong Kong and we are increasingly encouraging CAs to make the most of this network."

* ICAS will be seeking membership approval for these changes at the SGM on 24 April (Venue - Hilton Grosvenor, Grosvenor Street, Haymarket, Edinburgh. Timings - 1.00pm lunch; 1.30 guest speaker; 2.15 SGM with AGM to follow; 3.15 close). For those unable to attend in person, online voting will open on 25 March 2015 and close at 12 noon on 22 April 2015.


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