2014 CAW Ambassadors: Where are they now?

One Young World 2014
By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

9 June 2016

Every year, Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) sponsors a delegation of young leaders from their member bodies to take part in the One Young World Summit.

The event brings together young people from all over the world who have the desire and drive to affect change on a global scale.

The attendees from Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) are offered the chance to network with other influential future leaders and showcase the value of the profession.

Past speakers have included Sir Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan, Sir Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington.

The winner of One Young CA 2016 will represent ICAS in the CAW group at this year's One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada.

We caught up with some former delegates to find out how they benefited personally and professionally from attending the 2014 event in Dublin.

CAW 2014 delegates

Left to right: Judith Shields (CAI), John Howarth (ICAEW), Gugu Mtetwa (SAICA), Colin Young CA (ICAS), Emma Evans (CAANZ)

Colin Young CA, ICAS Ambassador, 2014

Career summary

I trained with Chiene & Tait in Edinburgh and whilst studying I was also Vice Chair of the ICAS Student Society. Post qualification I gained additional experience at Johnston Carmichael in Aberdeen and my first steps into industry were with Edrington – a leading company in the drinks industry.

Becoming ICAS’ first CAW young ambassador and OYW ambassador was a real honour.

Within my role as Commercial Finance Analyst, I am responsible for the finance aspects of our emerging Europe and Turkey operations. This role has led to working in markets like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey and Hungary.

Why do you think it is important for chartered accountants to affect change?

I think it is important for chartered accountants to act as leaders for change. The CA qualification being globally respected can help our views be taken more seriously and heard by a greater audience.

Furthermore, most business decisions do come down to finances. This gives accountants the opportunity to influence decisions and promote positive change.

I believe that chartered accountants have the resources, connections and capabilities to make change.

What was the highlight of the One Young World summit for you?

The highlight was meeting and working with other delegates from many different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Meeting fellow chartered accountants from across the world has been fantastic and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with them, attending their own Institutes' events and working together on various ideas to help promote change in our society.

It was a very inspirational conference and great to hear about fellow delegates' drive, determination and success whilst overcoming many barriers.

How did the experience influence you moving forward?

The experience gave me the confidence to pursue goals and makes them happen!

I have enjoyed working with the other delegates after the conference. Being invited to other Institute events and annual dinners and being part of the judging panel for the ‘One Young CA award 2015’ has given me the opportunity to inspire fellow accountants and highlight the global opportunities that the CA qualification can offer.

I am extremely lucky to work for Edrington. Supported by the Robertson Trust, they support many worldwide good causes for the profits achieved. I believe this to be a great example of a business that give back and consider wider society.

Emma Evans, CAANZ Ambassador, 2014

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

Career summary

  • Trainee at PwC Melbourne.
  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree and began my CA.
  • Moved into industry working for Map Coffee under entrepreneur Pitzy Folk.
  • Was promoted to Financial Controller then CFO, going on to manage the sale of Map Coffee to Tata Global Beverages.
  • Moved up to CFO and COO of the Folk Family Office I worked for and to new business Capi Sparkling.
  • In March 2016 became the CEO of Capi, whilst still overseeing the Family Office and all businesses and investments.
  • Launched Chanman Shop with my husband three years ago, an online store of men’s accessories.
  • Launched Mingle Seasoning, a natural food seasoning company all about health and fitness in early 2015.

Why do you think it is important for chartered accountants to affect change?

Because we have the training, discipline and skills to make impact. Being a business person is more than being an accountant, you unknowingly can tap into so many aspects of a business from sales to pricing, reporting and strategy which links everything together making you an integral team member.

What was the highlight of the One Young World Summit for you?

Too many! But opening my eyes to so much more. People are making change right now so I cannot sit still. No one will do anything for you, you have to make your own change and your own impact. Then together we make larger changes.

How did the experience influence you moving forward?

A global outlook.

Gugu Mtetwa, SAICA Ambassador, 2014

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)

Career summary

I joined PwC in 2002, did my training and became a Senior Manager within financial services, specialising in insurance and investment management external audits.

I became a Partner in 2008 and joined the PwC South African Management Committee in 2012, leading diversity and inclusion. In 2014 I exited the audit profession and joined Vodacom, a subsidiary of Vodafone, as a Managing Executive in finance.

This gave me the hands on experience. In October 2015 I resigned to take a one year sabbatical as I started a family. I currently serve on the Board of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and Aviation Coordination Services (ACS) as a non executive director.

Why do you think it is important for chartered accountants to affect change?

Chartered accountants have the responsibility to affect positive change as we have the tools to manage & deliver projects and solutions. We need to use our skills and experience to add value in the businesses we work in and in taking our economies forward.

What was the highlight of the One Young World Summit for you?

Attending the entire summit was a highlight for me. Meeting inspiring leaders such Kofi Annan and hearing visionary bold leaders such as Paul Polman has led me to think differently, to question more, to ask what it is I can do better.

How did the experience influence you moving forward?

The summit influenced me to participate more in making a positive change within my country. In my role as a non executive Director, I participate in assessing infrastructure projects which are key to South Africa's economic development and to the African continent.

Recently I attended and participated at the World Economic Forum Africa (WEF Africa) in Rwanda, Kigali. I was a panelist in launching the 'Move Africa' initiative which is part of the transport infrastructure project within the continent. I hope to continue to contribute and use my skills in the economic development of South Africa and the global economy.

Judith Shields, CAI Ambassador, 2014

Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)

Career Summary

I started with a large provisional accounting firm, as an Accountants Technician, in June 2008. After completion of my first year exams I fast tracked to first year chartered accountancy with CAI.

Initially I trained in audit and accounts but on completion of my training I transferred internally to manage the corporate recovery team.

During my training I became involved with the CAI student societies, initially taking the position of Education Officer with the Ulster society. The following year I was elected to chair the overarching Irish student society of CAI.

Given my keen interest in the education and training of CAI students, I was given the role of overseeing all training and education for both students and qualified staff within my then firm.

I have recently moved to PwC Belfast as an Assistant Manager in forensics, specifically financial services and have been seconded to two large national banks in both the UK and Ireland to complete a number of projects.

Why do you think it is important for chartered accountants to affect change?

Chartered accountants are trained to solve difficult problems which far reach the financial issues of their clients. This training allows a CA to approach situations in a completely different way to others. As such, they provide solutions which not only consider all aspects of an issue but are innovative and effective.

Chartered accountants are hugely respected as a profession and as such their opinions are valued by governments and leaders throughout the world. Chartered accountants have the ability, the knowledge and the capability to affect change.

It is important that we affect change as we have the potential to do so.

What was the highlight of the One Young World Summit for you?

There were too many to name! Firstly I made some great friends in those representing chartered accountants Worldwide! I met some phenomenal leaders of the future and heard first hand how they were affecting change in their fields or countries. These people were hugely inspiring and had a massive impact on my outlook.

Finally we had the opportunity to listen to and learn from some of the most prominent leaders of our time, an opportunity like no other.

How did the experience influence you moving forward?

I have continued to be active within CAI as I feel it is important to be part of the growth of my institute.

Joining PwC has allowed me the opportunity to get involved in a lot of fundraising within the firm for local charities.

At the start of One Young World my thoughts were that each CA should help out at a local level and in doing so the effect would be global. This hasn't changed for me and so I am continuously on the look out for areas that I can offer help locally.

Next week we check in with the members of the 2015 Chartered Accountants Worldwide delegation and find out about their experiences in Bangkok.

Did you enter One Young CA 2016? Tell us why you want to attend this year's One Young World Summit in the comments below.


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