One Young CA: Indy Hothi CA on passing the torch

Indy Hothi
By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

17 August 2016

The 2015 ICAS One Young CA Indy Hothi will present this year's award at the London CA Dinner next month.

Indy is a well-known social activist and was selected to represent ICAS at the 2015 One Young World Summit in recognition of his dedication to affecting change. 

He currently holds the position of Senior Economic Strategy Consultant at EY and has established a number of key diversity initiatives at the firm, including running successful graduate insight days for black and ethnic minority students.

He has also undertaken extensive charity work in Haiti, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Nepal in his role as a Khalsa Aid trustee.

Speaking to CA Today, Indy reflected on his experience as ICAS One Young CA and shared some wisdom for the 2016 winner.

How has being named One Young CA impacted your career?

Being named One Young CA for 2015 has had a huge positive impact both personally and professionally. It has unlocked doors to a wider network of people and opportunities to develop my career.

I have had a number of people reach out to me who are passionate about the same topics I am and are keen to work collaboratively, which is great. I’ve also had fellow CAs recognise me in the office and around London which has been interesting!

Why was the opportunity important to you?

It allowed me to become a voice for the profession from the perspective of a young business professional. This voice was heard externally by global business leaders at the One Young World summit but also continues to be heard within ICAS to positively shape the future of the institute and profession.

Having this kind of platform is very powerful and that opportunity to impact people positively in the future, whether they’re ICAS members or not, is something that I take very seriously.

What values do you think the ICAS One Young CA should embody?

I personally think there are many values that an ICAS One Young CA should embody as well as shared valued with the institute.

A key one I’d like to highlight is having the courage to lead as this encompasses the ability to bring your ‘values to life’ and demonstrates the ability to create tangible action from your values whilst also inspiring others around you.

How did attending the One Young World summit affect you?

There are many words I could use to describe the One Young World summit - it really was an eye opening and life changing experience. From gaining a better understanding of some of the issues our global society faces today to meeting a plethora of young, like-minded people from all around who are driven by the same energy and passion to make the world a better place.

There have also been a number of tangible actions since the summit. Recently, I’ve been able to host an art exhibition with One Young World and fellow ambassadors on World Refugee Day to highlight the struggles faced by so many people around the world. The exhibition was visited by fellow ICAS members, One Young World ambassadors and even HRH Princess Eugenie!

What is your advice to your successor?

My advice would be to go out there and take full advantage of the opportunity presented to you. Be brave and continue to follow your passions but also make sure you support others around you including fellow CAs.

Tickets for the London CA Dinner & One Young CA Awards are still available. Let us know if you are looking forward to attending in the comments below.


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