On air: Charlotte explains tax landscape

By Michael McGlinchey, CA Today

3 February 2016

ICAS Director of Taxation, Charlotte Barbour, explains new tax powers coming to Scotland in a BBC radio interview.

Devolved taxation is becoming a key campaigning area in the run-up to the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in May and ICAS Director of Taxation Charlotte Barbour was on hand to explain some of the issues to radio listeners.

Charlotte outlined changes coming in to force through implementation of the Scottish Rate of Income Tax in an interview on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

She also explained the potential for more devolved powers as included in the proposals resulting from the Smith Commission on further devolution, which followed the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Charlotte was invited on air after a series of political party pronouncements on tax ahead of the 5 May vote.

Scottish Labour has announced plans to put a penny on SRIT in a bid to ease council budget cuts.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have proposed a penny income tax rise to fund investment in education and the Conservatives have supported a commission’s call for the creation of a new middle earner tax band.

The Scottish National Party-led government said it will set out it longer-term intentions on income tax before the end of March.

Listen to Charlotte's interview.


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