On Air: Charlotte Barbour explains Scotland's new tax powers

Radio Microphone
By Michael McGlinchey

28 September 2015

ICAS Director of Taxation Charlotte Barbour outlines key changes to income tax coming into effect in Scotland during a BBC Radio interview.

With new tax powers being delivered to Scotland, concerns have arisen about a lack of public awareness about the changes.

Charlotte Barbour, Director of Taxation at ICAS, was asked recently on BBC Radio Scotland about the Scottish Rate of Income tax (SRIT), which comes into effect next year.

Charlotte explained to presenter Hayley Millar where (SRIT) fits into the package of devolved taxes and the forthcoming 'Smith' measures, and how it will affect PAYE and employers.

The radio interview took place just before Charlotte gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee, which is currently conducting an inquiry into SRIT.

Listen to Charlotte's interview


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