Next generation CAs who are leading the way

By Melissa Munro, ICAS

12 June 2017

In times of dramatic global change, the need has never been greater for our profession to listen and engage with the leaders of tomorrow, which is why we have created the ICAS Young Leaders Board.

The skills, knowledge and insight of the next generation of CAs will help ensure a fresh mindset in today’s challenging and unpredictable world. 

A group of young inspiring and motivated CAs have come together to form the ICAS Young Leaders Board, which is unique for ICAS, as the only committee to include only CAs under the age of 35.

“The creation of the ICAS Young Leaders Board sends an important message to all young CAs,” said Suzy Kerton, Young Leaders Board Chair. “This is our opportunity to ensure our views are heard. We all have a role to play in making a difference to the future direction of the profession and this Board will help support our role as young CAs in driving positive change.”  

The Board provides young CAs with a voice within the Institute and wider profession. It acts as a link between younger CAs and ICAS strategic boards and committees, providing a platform to feed for their insights and views into the current and future strategic direction of ICAS.

The Young Leaders Board represents a new chapter for ICAS says Melissa Munro, Senior Marketing Manager: “By bringing together a group of talented and ambitious young CAs, we are giving a voice to the next generation of CAs, and giving them a part to play in the future direction of the Institute.”

The Board currently includes six CAs under 35 who have all been recognised as a top 35 CA under 35, as part of the One Young CA initiative. Find out more about the Young Leaders Board.

The key focus areas of the Board will be establishing a powerful business network for young leaders, positioning ICAS as an institute for entrepreneurship and creating cutting-edge digital content.

As an increasing number of young CAs are now working for start-ups, working for themselves, or considering starting their own business, providing support and opportunities for knowledge-sharing has never been more important.

One of the Board’s first key initiatives is the ICAS Young Leaders Summit in London.

The creation of a powerful business network for young leaders will provide opportunities for young CAs to make connections with their peers, and to learn from each other.

Digital content will support knowledge-sharing and engagement, and will ultimately ensure the profession remains relevant to the next generation.

One of the Board’s first key initiatives is the ICAS Young Leaders Summit in London this September, which brings together the most inspiring business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

This event will be filled with CA-led lightning sessions, exclusive networking opportunities, and fascinating keynote speakers, while the evening is dedicated to celebrating the future of ICAS.

Interested in getting involved? 

To join the Board, you must have been recognised as an ICAS top 35 CA under 35. If you’ve not been included in this list, and would like to support the Boards activities, you can become an ICAS Young Leaders ambassador. For more information about what this would involve, please email Melissa Munro at


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