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By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

27 March 2017

Over 280 new CAs attended the 2017 ICAS Admission Ceremony at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Saturday 25 March.

ICAS President Ken McHattie CA and Chief Executive Anton Colella welcomed a host of new members to the event from as far as Calgary, Dordogne, Warsaw and every corner of the UK.

A livestream of the Admission Ceremony was broadcast and received an international audience in Pakistan, China, Bulgaria, Japan and more. The video is now available on demand.

Overall, more than 600 CAs have been admitted into ICAS membership this year, seven of whom earned their designation through the Pathways Route, which allows professionals from approved bodies to become a member of ICAS through competency-based assessment.

Addressing the audience, Ken said: "Of all the occasions on the ICAS President's calendar, this is the most memorable. As a CA at the latter part of his professional journey, I see in front of me the future of ICAS, the future of the profession, and the future of British business.

"Seeing you, our new members, from all over the world, makes this a special day in itself but having your family and friends here to enjoy your achievement with you makes it an unforgettable occasion."

2017 ICAS Prizewinners

The ICAS Gold MedalJames Rix CABDO, Edinburgh
ICAS 160th Anniversary PrizeScott Green CAPwC, Edinburgh
The Primrose Scott PrizeOliver Gordon CAKPMG Tax Business School, Glasgow
The Ronald Williamson PrizeMatthew Lloyd CADeloitte, Aberdeen
The Alistair Pearce PrizeClaire McHaffie CAPwC, Edinburgh
The Archie Hunter PrizeScott Green CAPwC, Edinburgh
The ICAS Student Education Committee PrizeJames Rix CABDO, Edinburgh
The Victor McDougall PrizeChristine Davison CAEY, Manchester

The ceremony also recognised 53 new ICAS Tax Professionals (ITP) who gained the qualification in the past year.

Anton added: "You are joining one of the world’s most respected professional bodies. Our vision is to create the leading, global professional community. In fact, you are joining the world’s most powerful business network.

"We’re here to connect you, to inspire you, to teach you and to guide you."

New members also heard from the 2016 ICAS One Young CA Rimla Akhtar MBE on how the qualification and benefits of membership have helped shape her career and drive her ambition to make a change.

She said: "To me, being a CA is about two words: community and ambition. It is about pushing each other to be the best that we can be.

"It is ultimately about being one as a community, celebrating the diversity that we have and the contributions that we can all make... the fact is that every single one of you sat here today can make a difference to the world that we live in.

"Look around you, to the people beside you, and know that all of you, as CAs, will make a difference in your own way."

Watch the full recording of the 2017 ICAS Admission Ceremony.


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