Infographic: Music festivals in numbers

By ICAS Editorial

26 June 2015

ICAS tracks the growing success of music festivals and finds out which festivals are the most expensive.

As thousands of fans converge on festivals like Glastonbury and T in the Park, ICAS has taken a look at the figures proving, come rain or shine, that festivals are big business.

Glastonbury has come a long way from the days when tickets cost £1, with a free pint of milk thrown in. From total ticket revenue of £1,500 back in 1970, this year's event is anticipated to take more than £30m.

But "Glasto" is just one of an estimated 900 festivals throughout the UK, attracting 9.5m "music tourists", contributing an estimated £3.1bn to the UK economy and sustaining more than 30,000 jobs.

We've also looked beyond the (often) muddy fields of UK music festivals to find out which festivals are the most expensive, with Coachella in the US and Tomorrowland in Belgium topping the charts.

Compiling festival facts and stats from the UK and around the world, ICAS' handy infographic shows that, even if it's "not about the money, money", festivals are an economic phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

Michael McGlinchey, ICAS Head of Editorial, said: "This is just a snapshot of some of the big numbers surrounding music festivals in the UK and internationally.

"What the stats demonstrate clearly is the growing popularity of festivals and their importance both to the music industry and wider economy."

Music Festival infographic
Statistical sources: UK Music; No1 Currency; Entertainment Retailers 

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