Making ICAS fit for the future

By Bruce Cartwright CA, Chief Executive, ICAS

28 February 2019

Over the last year we have been working hard implementing our new strategy.

Our aim is for ICAS to be recognised and respected as a world leader in the future of finance professionals and the advancement of the profession.

While we have made a number of important changes there is more to do. We are not standing still and will continually improve to future-proof ICAS. Here is a snapshot of our progress to date:

1. Innovate for the future

Education is at the core of ICAS. We have reviewed the CA syllabus to take into account the growing influence of AI and data analytics; this has resulted in 25% of the syllabus changing.

We will continue to review the syllabus so that it stands up to our fast-changing business environment, of paramount concern is that the CA Qualification retains its high standard.

We have also undertaken a review of our governance arrangements. Over 40 recommendations have been proposed, some of which will require member approval at a Special General Meeting in April 2019.

2. Public trust and big voice

Over the last year we have played a full part in the debate on Regulation (Kingman Review), Markets (CMA) and now the Purpose of Audit (Brydon Review). This is a real opportunity to fully air and address some complex issues for the benefit of the profession itself and all stakeholders.

We are closely aligned to the recommendations of the Kingman Review, while we believe the CMA review requires more thought. Meanwhile the Brydon Review into the quality and effectiveness of the UK audit market – which is just beginning – has ICAS members on both Advisory panels.

Being a ‘big voice’ within the profession, and in a manner that reflects the public interest, has and always will, be core to ICAS.

3. Connect and help to succeed

A key attribute of a member organisation is fostering a sense of community. Networking events, technical support and mentoring advice have allowed us to achieve this and we intend to strengthen our support further by launching a new digital platform. Make sure you opt-in to ICAS communications to say up-to-date with the latest events, support and news on this platform.

Many of you have already taken part in our #ProudtobeaCA campaign, in which members share their insight on what it means to be a CA. The campaign will be rolled out to Higher Education organisations and schools later in the year.

4. Customer-centred organisation

In a bid to improve our interactions with you we have pooled our operational support teams into one group. Our Customer Experience team will ensure we deliver a better customer journey for you the members.

Finally, at the end of 2018, a two-year digital transformation program at ICAS went live. This has not been without teething problems, but the program was delivered ahead of schedule and within budget. For the first time, ICAS has an integrated communication platform allowing us to better serve students and members.


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