Less is more as we develop 'Virtual ICAS'

By Anton Colella

3 July 2014

ANTON'S ACCOUNT: We're making some changes to communications with you, the membership. 

At ICAS we've been thinking about how we can communicate with you, the global membership, more effectively and we've decided to make some changes based on the feedback you've given us.

Our Membership Surveys have shown that you feel connected with ICAS but you do receive a lot of emails from us. So, we're going to change that, and now 'Less is More' will become the motto. We're significantly reducing the amount of emails we send out by revamping the fortnightly ICAS Update. 

The twice-monthly edition will now be split by subject matter, with one monthly edition focusing on technical, regulation and insight content and the other on networking opportunities. We will, of course, continue to send out essential mailings on things like Annual Return, Education and Qualification Information, and CPD matters as appropriate.

And we're revamping the popular Daily Digest, now called ICAS News Brief, which will be made available to all members from next week. However, you will see a reduction in emails and this is just one of the changes taking place as we move closer to realising the vision for 'Virtual ICAS' - a globally connected Institute.

We will continue to evolve these services and for this we're reliant on your continuing feedback, so please keep in touch and let us know what you think.


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