Laura Rigby - 20,000th member of ICAS


4 February 2014

Laura Rigby carries the proud title of 20,000th member of ICAS.

Sometimes being a "number" is no bad thing, according to Laura Rigby, who ICAS is proud to reveal as its 20,000th member.

In a year in which ICAS celebrates its 160th anniversary, the Institute has also reached a significant milestone in its ever-growing membership and Laura says she is proud to hold this unique and historic title.

Laura, who received the good news in a telephone call from ICAS Chief Executive Anton Colella before Christmas, voiced delight at being declared 20,000th member and had words of praise for the Institute, which, she says, has consistently met her needs.

She told ICAS: "I was completely surprised but feel very privileged. This is one occasion on which it is rather nice being a number rather than a name! Happy Anniversary ICAS and keep up the good work."

Laura, 28, who qualified as a CA through the KPMG graduate scheme, is a tax specialist at the company's offices in Manchester, where she now lives after growing up in Chester. She studied for the CA qualification in London and Edinburgh, and successfully completed the course in early 2013. A graduate of Economics from the University of Manchester, Laura also attended Manchester Business School.

Asked why she chose accountancy, she says: "I decided that after leaving university I would like a career in a profession for which there will always be a need.

"Accountancy is at the heart of every business in the world and affords the options to work in the private or public sectors, in industry and in commerce.

"I wanted to join a graduate scheme with great career prospects but with a good people employer. After reading about the KPMG graduate scheme and its links with ICAS, I decided that it would suit me."

She is clearly proud to carry the title of CA and has firm views on how to be successful in the profession.

"Being a CA is a great achievement," says Laura. "I think the most important qualities to be a successful CA are not only honesty and integrity but I also think that enthusiasm and dedication go a long way towards success in any career."

Having achieved significant career goals, Laura says she is now focused on developing her professional experience in the world of work and ICAS was grateful she could spare time for an interview in January, during a traditionally busy month for tax specialists.

Contemplating next steps, she says: "I have also passed the CTA [Chartered Tax Adviser] qualification, but for the moment I am having a break from exams. My long-term goal is to be one of the best in my field."

Reflecting on her education and achievements, she had this advice for budding CAs: "I would say to students, take advantage of all the resources on offer to you, they are excellent. Having somebody to discuss things with – friends, colleagues, study buddies – is invaluable."


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