Jonny Jacobs on why CAs are perfectly placed to start Challenging Conversations

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By Hannah Downie, CA Today

28 June 2018

Jonny Jacobs, 2017 One Young CA winner, tells us what two factors make CAs perfectly placed to start Challenging Conversations.

“I think ICAS and CAs can get involved in lots of challenging topics across the world.

“Take corruption as an example. CAs are perfectly placed at the heart of organisations to see what is going on. Moreover, having somebody there with our ethical background means you have that conscience in the room.

“Take pensions as a second issue. CAs, as custodians of the financials and with our understanding of how companies operate, can contribute to the right decisions on pension schemes."

Watch the video to find out what two factors Jonny believes make CAs perfectly placed to start Challenging Conversations.

Hear from Jonny:

Join us in London for our Challenging Conversations debate on pensions

Pensions is the first big issue that ICAS is debating as part of our Challenging Conversations initiative.

Not many of us know how much we will have to live off when we retire. Fewer still can say with any confidence that they will be able to maintain their desired standard of living.

To this end we have identified five key questions for government, regulators and industry, to help build trust in UK pensions.

The next Challenging Conversations event takes place on London on Tuesday 11 September, when Sir Brian Souter and an expert panel will debate: “How can politicians help restore trust in UK pensions?”

Join us for the Big Pensions Debate on 11 September, London


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