Jasmine Jiang CA on global co-operation and the modern role of the CEO

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By CA Magazine

7 April 2017

Jasmine Jiang CA talks to ICAS about her role as CEO of Peak Group Global, a business that paves the way for more trade between the UK and China, and her career journey.

When did you qualify as a CA and who did you train with?

I qualified as a CA with Ernst & Young in 2010, but I worked in other areas before I decided to join EY to pursue my CA certificate.

What does your job involve?

We seek to bridge the gap between the UK and Asia, especially China, to promote co-operation, entrepreneurship and sustainability for governments and business leaders. 

Our practice areas include strategic cross-border development consulting, international financial advisory and investment, youth summer schools in top universities in the UK, international media strategies, and global business development for brands and so on. 

The industries we are involved in range from finance, trade, hi-tech and medical to education, culture, media and sport.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s fantastic to be involved in cross-border business in different industries and my present role gives me a great opportunity to explore the diversity of business lines and cultures in different countries. With our expertise in cross-border business, our clients manage to break all the barriers to entry into a foreign country.

What do British businesses need to do to make a success of trading with China?

The biggest barrier for cross-border business is not language, location, technology and so on, but culture. I’ve seen plenty of cross-border businesses fail due to misunderstandings derived from cultural differences. 

For those who want to co-operate with China, understanding Chinese culture is a must. And vice versa – I’ve told my Chinese clients they need to understand British culture if they want to trade with the UK.

How has your training as a CA helped prepare you for this role – if it has?

Becoming a CA was the stepping stone to various senior finance-related roles on the path to my current position. What being a CA brought to me was not only knowledge, but also the ability to learn quickly, which is the basic requirement for this fast-paced world. 

Knowledge itself can be changed and updated on a daily basis, but the ability to learn fast can help in any scenario.

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