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Indy Hothi

CAs have the ability and the responsibility to use their skills for the greater good, according to Indy Hothi CA. 

"Sharing my experiences has led a number of my qualified CA colleagues to actively use their knowledge to support charities and has even inspired students to undertake programs at EY in order to actively work with charitable causes."

Indy is well-placed to inspire charitable efforts in others, having dedicated most of his CA career to promoting the use of business acumen in making a positive global impact.

“My role as a senior economist for EY in London involves advising the public and private sector organisations on the economic, social and fiscal impact of their operations and polices.

"It has included working on high-profile reports for the Premiere League and the UK Government."

Being one of the only economists with a CA in my team has led to a number of clients requesting my presence.

Indy has always maintained that the CA qualification has been instrumental in shaping the recent half of his career. He started off as an Analyst with Deloitte in 2008, before moving to HSBC and eventually to EY, where he remains today. He began his CA training in 2011 and was named the ICAS One Young CA in 2015.

“Being one of the only economists with a CA in my team has led to a number of clients requesting my presence due to my financial accounting knowledge.

"I have had the opportunity to drive a number of large scale projects which have featured prominently in the news, like the UK hosting the Rugby World Cup. This is something I would not have been able to do without the CA qualification and the experience I gained from the course."

Beyond EY, Indy spends his time helping others at home and abroad, contributing his knowledge to a numbe of worthwhile causes.

"Outside of work, I provide pro-bono services to a number of charities. I am a Trustee of Khalsa Aid, an independent relief organisation set up to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas, war zones and places of civil conflict across the world."

Global footprints

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO based upon the Sikh principle of ‘Recognising the whole human race as one’.

Indy’s efforts with the charity have taken him to the front line of natural disasters in all corners of the globe.

"I have been actively involved in field projects in countries such as Bosnia, Haiti, Iraq/Syria and Lebanon. Recently, I supported coordination efforts after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, leveraging experience from the 2010 events in Haiti.

"Khalsa Aid has undertaken projects with a wide range of stakeholders around the world including, but not limited to, the national army, United Nations, World Health Organisation and other international charities like UNICEF and Save the Children.

Indy Hothi CA

"I use my CA qualification and experience to provide value added support and help grow the organisation to achieve its objectives."

Indy is also co-Founder of Hothi & Othi, an organisation supporting artists from developing countries by showcasing their work in galleries across the UK with proceeds being divided between artists and selected charities.

"The skills gained from the CA have allowed me to setup a social enterprise to support artists from developing countries.

"Without the CA qualification I do not believe I would have had the technical skills, expertise or confidence to undertake this endeavour."

Helping out at home

Indy also utilises his charitable spirit closer to home. He leads a Diversity & Inclusiveness Network at EY, helping to support the firm’s leading initiatives to create a more diverse workforce with an inclusive working culture.

He has also been called upon to promote diversity in more public arenas.

"I was contacted by Boris Johnson, the then Mayor of London, to coordinate a community event with colleagues around the Sikh New Year at City Hall. This role was entirely voluntary, outside of my ‘day job’ and with no financial remuneration.

"The event was the first time any sort of large scale public event was held at the venue and it was received with outstanding positive responses, setting a benchmark for how future events should be coordinated and delivered.

This role was entirely voluntary, outside of my ‘day job’ and with no financial remuneration.

"As a result, I have been involved with a number of community events coordinated in London, including Eid in Trafalgar Square, St Patricks Day, Diwali and the Rugby World Cup community zones. It’s a great way to give back to the local London community."

In addition, Indy is a counsellor to those just starting out with their CA training and ICAS examinations.

"During this time, I provide a number of colleagues at EY with guidance on the process but more importantly highlight the opportunities available to them as a CA.

"The strength of the CA qualification should not be underestimated as it unlocks so many different opportunities and challenges around the world and across so many sectors."

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