Interview: Susan Pattison, former ICAS Brand Ambassador to CA student

Susan Pattison
By Tanya Goburdhun

16 March 2015

From an ICAS Brand Ambassador to CA student at Henderson Loggie

Susan shares her experience on how the ICAS Brand Ambassador role helped her in building her career prospects.

Why did you become an ICAS Brand Ambassador?

I was attracted to the brand ambassador position because I felt it would enhance my CV and give me the opportunity to network with potential employers. I also thought it would be the best way to learn about the CA training contract I hoped to secure after finishing university.

What did you enjoy most about the role?

The main highlight of being an ICAS Brand Ambassador was helping with the planning and running of the ICAS prospective student event at Dundee University. For this, I had to work closely with my university careers service, lecturers and work on my PR skills to encourage students to attend the event.

At the event, I had to do a short talk which was in front of over 90 students as well as ICAS authorised employers. This was nerve-wracking but worth it as when we moved onto the networking session, many employers spoke to me about my presentation which shows how I stood out. Even during my interview with Henderson Loggie, my interviewer remembered me as the ICAS Brand Ambassador. Overall, I felt the role demonstrated my commitment to becoming a CA even before applying for training contracts.

The role also really increased my knowledge on becoming a CA, as I learned a lot on the qualification and training from working with the ICAS team and from speaking to range of CA students and CAs at the Dundee event. This knowledge proved valuable in CA trainee interviews when asked questions about what is involved in being a CA trainee.

What would your advice be to someone who is considering becoming an ICAS Brand Ambassador?

I would recommend the role to others because it is relevant experience that can help you in starting your journey to becoming a CA. The position helps build your network within the industry at an early stage and for me the role was an added advantage within CA trainee interviews. Due to the flexibility of the role, you still have time to fit in your studies and as activities are carried out on campus, you are never too far away from the library!


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