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Become a CA
By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

5 September 2016

ICAS is launching a new campaign to get CAs sharing their stories to promote the value of qualification.

The CA qualification signals to the world that you are a dedicated and talented individual, trained to the highest standard and capable of extraordinary things.

More than just two letters after your name, the designation carries with it a level of prestige, respect and history that connects a community stretching out across the globe.

CAs work in more than 100 different countries in an infinite number of industries and sectors, venturing out with the greatest names in business, finance and accountancy.

Counting CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders among a 21,000 strong membership, the scope and diversity of the CA network is living proof of the doors that open to the designation.

ICAS currently has around 3000 students gearing up to enter into the boundless career of a CA and we want to inspire more to follow in their footsteps.

The next generation

The Become a CA campaign is reaching out and promoting the qualification as the quintessential source of the knowledge, skills and values needed to be a highly regarded and sought-after business professional.

Initially, the focus will be on graduate entry routes to the CA; linking in with school leavers and other academic routes.

The aim will be to grow and expand our reach to an even wider audience, ensuring that the CA remains flexible and accessible to a wide range of employers and students from every walk of life across the UK.

ICAS Chief Executive Anton Colella said: “Our young members and students are the future of our ICAS. 

"Expanding that group and encouraging more people to join the CA route is essential to sustaining our business and ensuring our reputation and name continue to be synonymous with quality on an international level.

“The next generation of CAs will carry with them all those who have come before.”

How to get involved

ICAS is looking for members to contribute to the campaign with their personal stories of how the CA qualification has driven their careers.

Your experiences have the power to tap into the potential of anyone looking to establish themselves as a skilled, knowledgeable and dynamic professional and encourage them to apply to become a CA.

By showcasing the world-class, prestigious nature of the CA qualification and the endless opportunities it affords, Become a CA seeks to increase awareness of the qualification with prospective students across the UK.

You can take part by visiting the campaign website or getting in touch with ICAS to share your CA story.

How has the CA qualification benefited you? Tell us in the comments below.


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