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By Kyle McHatton, Digital Editor

28 July 2015

With the autumn film festivals just around the corner, ICAS takes a look at the numbers behind the curtains of the silver screen in the UK and beyond.

The latest figures show that the global film industry is still a very profitable business, with worldwide box office takings totalling $36.4bn in 2014.

The US and Canada lead the way, with takings totalling $10.4bn, followed by China at $4.8bn – which saw a 34 per cent increase.

Box office revenue in India, the world's other big 'movie capital', was $1.7bn – the same as the UK.

These worldwide totals are expected to rise this year with the success of blockbusters such as The Avengers, Jurassic Park and the soon to be released, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which many predict will smash all current box office records.

This has led to the annual earnings of stars like Robert Downey JR (Hollywood's highest grossing actor) topping $75 million in 2014 – an impressive amount for an actor who only had two films released last year.

However, creating films isn't always as plain sailing as it seems, and there is no guarantee of success, with the recent blockbuster 47 Ronin (2013), starring Keanu Reeves, reporting losses of $149.5 million. This is the biggest reported loss to date.

So where does the UK stand in all this?

Although the US/Canada box office takings are six times more than the UK's total of $1.7bn, a staggering 712 films were released in the UK and Ireland last year alone.

In 2014, there were 28 international industry awards won by UK films/talent, boosted by the popularity of Oscar winning British space epic Gravity. This amounted to the UK collecting nearly a fifth of all awards available to win.

This success came at a price, with a total UK film production budget of £1.2 billion. 89 per cent of this total was spent on producing just 17 features.

Movie Industry Statistics 2014

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