Infographic: Festive season in numbers

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By Kyle McHatton, CA Today

14 December 2015

We take a look at the numbers behind the festive season, courtesy of The CA magazine's December infographic.

Festive Numbers Infographic

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Did you know that Santa/Father Christmas would need to visit 822 homes every second to make all of his deliveries in time? That’s a massive 49,320 homes every minute and just short of three million households an hour.

That’s a lot of milk, cookies and carrots for him and the reindeer to eat. An approximate 98,640 calories would need to be eaten every second. Will we see Santa in the gym in the New Year as he attempts to burn all of those calories off?

Speaking of food, did you know that the average turkey Christmas dinner contains 1,450 calories?

Season of giving

A recent YouGov poll revealed that in 2014 a total of £22.5bn was spent on gifts over the festive season. YouGov forecast that this will be down to £21.2bn this year (2015) with each UK household likely spend an average of £796. This breaks down down into an approximate 23 gifts per household, with the average gift costing just short of £35 each.

Love it or hate it, wrapping these gifts takes time - approximately 45 minutes per household, in fact. The study found that women generally spent more time on wrapping - an average of three minutes per gift, while their male counterparts did it in an average of one minute. In terms of points scored for presentation...that could be a topic of debate.

It is believed that with all these gifts a total of 83 sq km of wrapping paper will be used and thrown away on Christmas Day. Let's hope people remember to recycle.

Festive spirit

Did you know that back in the Victorian era, postal staff in England were nicknamed robins because of their red uniforms? This is why many Christmas cards continue to depict a robin delivering mail. On average each person sends out 17 Christmas cards per year.

The YouGov survey found that a majority of respondents felt the 'true meaning' of the season has been lost. This ranged from a third who 'strongly agreed' with that sentiment to 44% who 'tended to agree'.  However this has not stopped British traditions like the Queen's Speech remaining a mainstay for many people. Approximately 7.82m people tuned in to hear Her Majesty's message in 2014.

Christmas Numbers Infographic

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