ICAS teams up with PwC to issue digital certificates on blockchain

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By CA Today

28 February 2019

Newly qualified CAs working at PwC are being given the opportunity to trial Smart Credentials, a platform that harnesses blockchain technology to validate professional credentials.

PwC’s secure and tamper proof digital ledger allows CAs to store, transfer and share their credentials in real time. It gives them complete control over sharing their credentials digitally, with reduced exposure to fraud.

Bruce Cartwright CA, Chief Executive of ICAS, commented: “Data protection is arguably one of the most enduring challenges of our time.

"Our newly-qualified members involved in this trial can now take control of their personal data by replacing the paper-based certificate with a secure digital version.

“Not only this, but the technology allows instant verification of their credentials, putting an end to the back-and-forth involved in establishing good standing and ensuring our members can get on with their jobs.”

In the pilot, ICAS issues the digital certificate to the recently qualified CA and it then forms part of their digital wallet. It can be updated with ongoing personal development and shared with others on request in a safe and secure way.

Steve Davies, Global Blockchain Leader at PwC, commented: “The ability to prove your identity online is critical in today’s digital world and the same is true of the qualifications you hold.

“We’re seeing high demand for verified, trusted and irrefutable identities from many different types of organisations, but a common challenge for employers is ensuring that an applicant holds the credentials listed on their CV.

“Like many others, I take pride in the certificate hanging on my wall but cannot take it down and share it when I need to, or keep a digital record of my ongoing professional development.

"Blockchain is traditionally associated with financial uses given its link to cryptocurrencies, but there are a wealth of potential use cases for this emerging technology and one of them is in overcoming the challenges of digital identity."

CA Agenda: Technology | Trust | Talent

2019 is shaping up to be a year of significant change, and CAs need to be equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to decode the shifting landscape.

Whether it’s the far-reaching consequences of technological advances in the forms of automation, AI, blockchain and robotics, or the roles that each of us can play in rebuilding trust in business and eroding practices not fit for the future, all our members can realise the extent of their own talents in making this vision a reality.

With that in mind, we are delighted to announce the CA Agenda, a new thought leadership and insight series, which officially launches on 5 March 2019 at St Paul’s Cathedral. Set against this historic backdrop, we usher in a new era for ICAS and its members with key anchors for our activities across Technology, Trust and Talent.


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