ICAS supports Scottish economic growth call

By ICAS Editorial Team

23 September 2014

Leading organisations including ICAS call on ministers to put economic growth at the centre of plans for new devolved powers for Scotland.

ICAS has joined other leading business organisations in calling on the Scottish and UK governments to put economic growth at the heart of any new devolution settlement for Scotland.

The call follows last week's Scottish Referendum result, which delivered a No vote for Independence but a commitment from all political parties to work together on the delivery of new devolved powers.

In a statement, organisations including ICAS, the Federation of Small Businesses, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, Scottish Financial Enterprise and the Institute of Directors, promised to "work constructively with both governments to deliver a more prosperous, competitive Scotland".

They said: "With all eyes now on the future, we need to focus on how we can come together to make Scotland the best place to live, work and, above all, do business.

"Business and entrepreneurship has a crucial role to play in delivering the fairer and more prosperous Scotland for which so many expressed a keen desire during the referendum campaign. Not only do we create the jobs, opportunities and revenues, a life in business can open up a whole world of possibilities for those with the creativity and drive.

"With the Scottish Parliament set to become a more powerful actor in our economy, the touchstones of the new devolution settlement must be boosting business and growth. It is also really important for business that whatever settlement is now agreed is stable and sustainable, and is seen to be so. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to playing a full, constructive part in making this happen – and that must include a debate around how any extra powers should be used.

"There are also areas which are important to business where responsibility is split between the UK and Scottish governments, such as exporting, and which could work better. This is now an ideal opportunity for both governments to put business and prosperity at the top of the priority list and work together to streamline and co-ordinate these services."

Former ICAS president Lord Smith CA has been appointed to lead the commission established to deliver new powers for Scotland.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "My message today to the political parties is a simple one - Scotland expects you to now come together, work together and agree the detail of what those powers should be."

He said organisations and the public would also have a say in the process.

Organisations supporting the statement are : Federation of Small Businesses; Scottish Engineering; Scottish Chambers of Commerce; Chemical Sciences Scotland; ICAS; Scotch Whisky Association; Scottish Building Federation; Scottish Financial Enterprise; Scottish Retail Consortium; Scottish Council for Development and Industry; Confederation of British Industry; ScotlandIS and Institute of Directors Scotland.


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