ICAS response to Scottish Referendum result


19 September 2014

ICAS commits to supporting the process of further devolution following the Scottish Referendum.

ICAS has committed to playing an important and valuable role in bringing the business community and wider society back together following the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

The Institute will offer its expertise and knowledge to both the Scottish and UK Governments in the process of shaping further devolution of taxation and other matters to Scotland.

We will work in the public interest to help create the right conditions for economic prosperity, wealth creation and achieving a fair and prosperous society.

ICAS will

  1. Provide expertise and advice to the Scottish Government and the UK Government on further devolution – in particular in the areas of tax, regulation and wider business policy.
  2. Work with the Scottish Government on business policy to help the Scottish economy deliver long term sustainable growth.
  3. Work with other business groups and the wider community to bring people together again in the wake of the Referendum result.

Chief Executive of ICAS, Anton Colella, said, "This has been a remarkable political campaign which has energised the democratic process and changed the UK irrevocably. Now is the time for everyone in business and politics to come back together to build the economy, create wealth and deliver a fair and prosperous society."

ICAS also welcomes the appointment of our past-President, Lord Robert Smith of Kelvin CA, to oversee the process for further devolution.

Anton Colella added, "Robert is respected around the globe as a man of integrity and a man who gets things done. He is one of the UK's leading business figures and is an excellent choice for an extremely challenging role shaping the next chapter in our political history."


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