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Anton Colella
Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

3 June 2015

Anton Colella updates members on the latest stage of the ICAS journey in Building a Professional Community.

Transformational change is the meat and drink of everyday life for CAs.

It is the outcome we seek for our clients, our businesses and for our Institute.

If we're not trying to deliver change, we're dealing with it in our professional lives.

In areas of tax, audit, insolvency and pensions - in regulation and politics - the sands are constantly shifting.

That's why we focus so much on the need to 'stay up to speed'. It is at the heart of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which is core to the CA's life.

We have seen many examples in business of where companies have failed to respond to change.

Those tried and tested rules of listening to feedback – good and bad – watching the competition and keeping on top of the risks are so important when maintaining a responsive approach to business.

It was with all that in mind, that the ICAS Council came together in London to consider our strategy for the Institute.

We agreed that "Building a Professional Community" is as relevant now as when we created it more than four years ago.

But our world has changed around us.  Look at the demographics.

There has been a 25% growth in members in business in the past five years. They now make up 65% of the total membership. There has been a 78% increase in female members in the past 10 years.  Members based outside the UK have increased rapidly and will make up one in five of the total in the not too distant future. Members under 35 are now the largest age group.

We now have a younger membership. There are more women, more international members, more members in business and more diversity.

In response to this we've placed three words at the centre of "Building a Professional Community" - Global, Virtual and Diverse.

Our plans for 2016 and beyond will now seek to deliver transformational change which will make your Institute truly global; increasingly virtual through the leading application of digital; and genuinely diverse to reflect the shifting sands of our demographics.

It was JFK who said "change is the law of life".

Our focus is to embrace change as we lead the ongoing transformation of your Institute.


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