ICAS extends global membership offering


9 September 2015

Find out about the new ICAS global strategy and extended membership offering for CAs outside the UK.

ICAS is unveiling a new global strategy that aims to deliver the same value and benefits to CAs across the world.

Our new global strategy

Enhanced international digital offering

We will be following the launch of icas.com with a revamped international digital offering, which is valuable, relevant and accessible on any device. This will include more international content and new online communities to help CAs connect with their worldwide network.

International communities and events

ICAS now has more than 20 international communities in cities including Sydney, Hong Kong, New York and Toronto. Our international communities will be holding more events, networking opportunities and activities for local members in 2016. We will also be establishing new communities in the future.

More international representation

We are aiming to bring more international members onto the ICAS Council and our committees in 2016, to ensure that members around the world are represented. 

Increased international influence

ICAS aims to extend its global influence through its work in the Global Accounting Alliance, the International Federation of Accountants and Chartered Accountants Worldwide. We will be seeking more international partners to help develop our thought-leadership role.

Virtual mentoring and continuing professional development

ICAS has launched a virtual career mentoring programme, which connects mentees with mentors to help achieve their personal and professional development goals. We are also developing a continuing professional development offering for international members, which will be introduced from 2016 onwards.

New international partnerships and agreements

ICAS is actively working on new agreements with other international accountancy bodies to add value for members around the world.

How international member fees are changing

Over the next three years, ICAS is harmonising fees so that all full members pay the same rate across the world. The overseas membership fee will increase by £45 for 2016, to a total fee of £300. This change was agreed by members at a Special General Meeting on 24 April 2015.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about the harmonisation of ICAS membership fees and what it means for you.

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