New strategies for an era of uncertainty


Here you can find the details on speakers and topics for the sessions scheduled at the ICAS Conference 2017.

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Managing Change under Pressure

As Head of the Security Service, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller dealt with the wake of 9/11 and a growing threat from Al-Qaeda. She doubled the size of MI5 and transformed their old approach to staff. In her own account of driving change in turbulent times, the Reith Lecturer shows that leadership is not about command and control, but vision and strategy: “You must be honest about difficulties, but demonstrate your confidence in the future and in your people.”


  • Baroness Manningham-Buller LG, DCB, former Head of MI5

Will it end in War?

The tectonic plates are shifting, from North Korea to China and throughout the Middle East; from Trump to Putin to Macron. What do these unprecedented political times mean for society, business and the future of the world?


  • Isabel Oakeshott, political commentator and former Political Editor of the Sunday Times
  • John Wyn-Evans, Head of Investment Strategy, Investec Wealth & Investment

More speakers to be announced.

Artificial Intelligence - is it so clever?

AI, big data and robotics are changing the world. Driverless ships, trucks and cars are imminent. Earlier this year, Japan’s Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance replaced an entire finance team with artificial intelligence.

In this session, we weigh up the evidence, challenge the wilder predictions and help delegates assess what the future will really look like.


  • Simon Lapthorne, Senior Research Analyst, Investec Wealth and Investment
  • Professor Mike Chantler, Department of Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University

Martin Gilbert CA and Sir Brian Souter CA – “Building Billion Pound Companies”

A conversation between two of the most successful ICAS entrepreneurs: Martin Gilbert, Co-Founder of Aberdeen Asset Management; and Sir Brian Souter, ICAS President and Founder of Stagecoach Group Plc.

This session draws out business and personal learnings from two truly great CA leaders.

CA to C-Suite

Leading CAs discuss the new dynamics of the boardroom; and how they’re responding to a world where it’s normal to expect the unexpected.


  • Jo Fletcher CA was CFO of Vodafone in the Americas and is now CFO of the European Tour, which runs the Ryder Cup and many other leading golf tournaments.
  • Alison Cornwell CA, is CFO of Vue Entertainment International and has had an illustrious career in film including a period working with Walt Disney.

Inspirational CA stories

Three remarkable ICAS chartered accountants tell their life stories.


  • Colin McLellan CA, the CFO of Skyscanner Limited – the inside story of creating a £1.4 billion tech giant from an idea in the pub.
  • Clare Campbell CA, the Founder of Prickly Thistle who moved from tax to tartan – a CA now getting big cheques from small checks.
  • Ricky Munday CA, Head of Corporate Services at the British Antarctic Survey and Canadian Red Cross leader – how he conquered Everest, in the footsteps of the Yeti.

Motivation Guaranteed.

Cyber Insecurity - How worried should we be about hackers, ransomware and cyberspies? And how can we get less scared?

Is hacking the new warfare that will bring down capitalism? In the wake of ransomware attacks on the NHS and major hacks of global corporations, how do we make the country’s digital security stronger and repel attacks that threaten entire industries?

How should you and your organisation respond to the number one threat on the risk registers of corporate Britain?


  • John Shaw, Vice President, Product Management, Enduser Security Group, Sophos Plc

To book your place at the ICAS Conference 2017, please visit our booking page.


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