ICAS and Brexit: A call to arms from your Chief Executive

Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

18 July 2016

This is a call to arms for you to help your Institute and your fellow CAs with the practicalities of Brexit.  

I know from the huge amount of contact that I’ve had with CAs since the referendum result that for many of you this is the hottest topic of them all.

The digital statistics show it is the most read topic of any on icas.com in the decade since I became your Chief Executive. 

We now want your opinions, your insights, your expertise and your guidance to share with other CAs.

At ICAS, we have been considering how we will best serve you in the coming months.  

Our response includes: 

  • We will influence on your behalf at the highest level in Westminster and Holyrood – taking your views to the key ministers and civil servants.  We have already had high level meetings with Government to start this process.
  • We will bring you insight on the latest developments and answer your questions through our digital channels, the CA magazine and CA Today. We have already published a series of articles mentioned below.
  • We will hold major events where you can hear from fellow CAs and from leading experts across a wide range of specialisms and points of view. Plans for these will be released imminently.
  • We will create thought leadership which informs the debate in the public interest, shedding light where it is needed. We are pulling together a high level group of CAs and other experts to lead this.

Within hours of the referendum result we tabled “Twenty Questions” to Government on your behalf. We have been endeavouring to get answers to these questions ever since.

These include answers on:

We are now preparing further insights from our CAs to help us all understand the issues we face and chart the best course forward.  

If you have questions; insights from your sector; issues you wish to raise; comments and expert analysis; please contact our ICAS Brexit team by email and share these with us.  

I believe that at a time like this there is huge value in CAs informing fellow CAs on matters of such huge importance.



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