ICAS 2019 AGM and SGM results

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26 April 2019

The ICAS Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting were held on 26 April 2019 at CA House, Edinburgh.

The following results were announced at the AGM and SGM:

Election of Office Bearers

As there were no nominations, other than the Council nominated candidates, there was no election and Mike McKeon CA was confirmed as President for 2019/2020 and Catherine Burnet CA was confirmed as Deputy President for 2019/20.

The successful candidate in the Vice President election was Bill Drysdale CA MBE.

Election of Council Members

As the number of nominations was equal to the number of vacancies of both Electoral area and Open seats, there was no election and the following appointments to Council were confirmed:

Electoral Area Seats

  • Sobhan Afzal CA (Glasgow and West of Scotland)
  • Jason Harvie CA (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Open Seats

  • Jim Robertson CA
  • Derek Treanor CA

Outcome of Voting on AGM and SGM Resolutions

The outcome of the voting on the AGM resolutions requesting approval of the Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements, and appointment of the auditor, was both resolutions were carried.

The outcome of the voting on the SGM resolutions requesting approval of the proposed changes to the General Regulations and Rules was all resolutions were carried.


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