How to win new business for your accountancy firm

By Chris Hughes

11 June 2015

Business development expert Chris Hughes shares his approach to winning new clients, ahead of the ICAS Practitioners' Conference on 9 September 2015.

As a corporate trainer and professional speaker on business development, one of the most common questions I'm asked is about how to win more business and enjoy the process.

I believe that it boils down to a few simple things, consistently done well.

The right mindset

It starts with having the right mindset. By that I mean an authentic desire to help clients while keeping a 'commercial radar' so you don't just give away your intellectual property.

Next, people need to think that their future income is dependent on the actions and behaviours they exhibit now. People can of course get by without thinking like this, but it will normally lead to a 'dry spell', or someone who is technically very good but not the best at creating and winning opportunities.

Overcoming a fear of sales

Then people have to overcome their fear of 'sales'. The easiest way for people to do this is to not sell, but enjoy when clients want to buy from you and be comfortable talking about costs or fees. This might be easy to say, but it works exceptionally well when people execute it with authenticity.

The right behaviours

There is normally at least one area from the above 'mindset' comments that people can improve – then we move onto the right behaviours.

You have to say the right things, to the right people and do enough of it.

So if people haven't mastered what they are saying to clients or potential clients, don't meet the right people and don't do enough of it, then the chances of success are much smaller.

Again, people can normally improve one or more of the behavioural traits too.

I will be covering more of the above and the easiest way to succeed at this at the ICAS Pracitioners' Conference on 9 September 2015 in Glasgow.

Chris Hughes has been a professional speaker and corporate trainer since 2002. He is the founder of the Hughes Company and Maximising Student Potential and has even presented his own TV show. Chris has worked with many of the FTSE 100 companies in the UK, Big Four accountancy firms, magic circle law firms as well as sole traders and SMEs. He has successfully advised them on optimising peoples performance, business development, strategy, implementation and maximising their own and their businesses potential.


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