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8 February 2019

When there are hundreds of thousands of financial professionals at work in public accounting, business and industry, government, academia and consulting, how can you stand out in such a crowded profession?

Many financial professionals do this by leveraging the rapid growth of advisory services.

By offering specialized knowledge to your clients or employer, you’re positioned to be more competitive in the marketplace. That translates into increased compensation and career advancement opportunities.

ICAS is delighted to now offer members the opportunity to undertake three select specialist advisory qualifications through the AICPA.

When you move beyond compliance work to more future-oriented, value-added work, you can do more for your clients, serving them in new ways.

Organisations with credentialed professionals realise increased profit margins through the management of risk, improved controls, process and workflow improvements and faster decision-making through simulations and data analytics.

The fact is, value-added services are not just a trend, and they are not going away. The AICPA offers the only credentials built on the foundation of competency, objectivity and integrity.

Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV®)

The ABV credential is ideal for financial professionals who want to enter this in-demand area by positioning themselves as a premier business valuation service provider who creates value for clients.

The rise in demand for business valuation experts and firms that offer this service has been fuelled by a rapid increase in merger and acquisition activity, gifting and estate transfers, and the Small Business Administration’s requirement for independent business valuations on loan regulations.

Other valuation services include valuing a business due to transfer of ownership, divorce settlement, fair value accounting, ESOP valuations, economic damage calculations, and expert witness or litigation support.

Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuation™ (CEIV)

The CEIV credential is a qualification for CAs and Finance Professionals who perform fair value measurements for entities and intangible assets for financial reporting purposes.

Based on marketplace demands and regulatory concerns, the AICPA has recognised a vital need for increased competence and improved quality, consistency and transparency in the performance of fair value measurements for financial reporting.

This credential will position you as an expert in your field and is a powerful way of telling peers, clients and the world that you’re a consistent, reliable, transparent and trusted partner and practitioner in entity and intangible asset valuations.

Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP®)

Financial professionals who have considerable expertise in information management and technology assurance should seek the CITP credential.

CITP credential holders are helping their clients or organization improve operations, ensure financial data integrity, determine risks associated with financial reporting, and prevent and detect fraud.

This credential spans a broad base of knowledge - from IT assurance, IT risk management and security, and privacy to analytics and emerging technologies.

A Closer Look at the Requirements

In addition to being an ICAS member in good standing and signing a Declaration of Intent to comply with the requirements of credential recertification, each candidate will also be subject to education, business experience and examination requirements.

These generally include being able to demonstrate at least 75 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) in the relevant subject and sufficient professional experience over a five-year period.

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Resources Available From the AICPA

No matter which credential you pursue, the AICPA supports you every step of the way by providing everything from exam prep materials to exclusive tools and technical resources that will help you, as a credential holder to, maintain the highest level of competency in delivering advisory services.

When you’re ready to take your career to the next level with an AICPA credential, visit their website.


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