Hodge appeals for ideas on responsible taxation

By Isabelle Bell, CA Today

17 November 2015

A new cross-party group of MPs, chaired by Margaret Hodge MP, has called on the public to contribute ideas to make the tax system fairer and more transparent.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on responsible tax will focus on three areas, starting with a consultation on the OECD base erosion and profit-shifting (BEPS) project on 23 November.

The group will also call for ideas and contributions on HMRC’s capacity to deliver fair tax and examination of tax reliefs and the tax system in 2016.

ICAS Public Interest Member Lord John McFall of Alcluith is a vice chair of the APPG on responsible tax, together with David Davis MP and Richard Bacon MP.

Susan Cattell, ICAS Head of Taxation (England and Wales), said: “ICAS welcomes the establishment of the APPG on responsible tax. This will give parliament the opportunity to look more closely at important tax matters and to hear views from a wide range of stakeholders.

“The first public consultation is an examination of the OECD’s BEPS recommendations to the G20. This project is crucial in helping to create a more transparent and fair regime for global tax so we hope there will be a constructive debate.”

Margaret Hodge MP, who was the former chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said that openness and transparency lies at the heart of any successful project, and she hoped to set a new standard for APPGs.

She added: “We want to start an open discussion around the responsible tax agenda with as many people with a broad range of views.

“By enabling the public to contribute their views directly on to the site, interested parties can observe the development of our work in real time and look at contributions from others.”

Members of the public can contribute ideas online on the new APPG website.


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