HMRC targets Scottish tax evaders

By Susan Cattell, Head of Taxation (England and Wales)

5 August 2015

HMRC has launched a taskforce to identify wealthy individuals living in Scotland who are not disclosing all of their income.

HMRC is identifying people with 'badges of wealth', such as aeroplanes, boats and large houses, which do not match the information they provide.

The taskforce is expected to recover nearly £4.5 million. Those identified could face a fine or a criminal conviction. 

This is the latest of a series of HMRC taskforces in recent years. They target specific areas or business sectors to tackle potential tax evasion in an intensive short period of activity.  

Previous taskforce targets have included the holiday industry in Blackpool, the Lake District and North Wales, restaurants in Lincolnshire and Tyneside, road hauliers in Milton Keynes, Oxford and Northampton and the Scottish fishing industry.

HMRC provides a Tax Evasion Hotline on 0800 788 887 for people to report tax evaders. 

Source: HMRC


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