HMRC sets out roadmap for making tax digital

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By Charlotte Barbour, ICAS Director of Taxation

14 December 2015

The UK tax body announces its plans for digital transformation.

HMRC has published its digital roadmap for making tax digital, stating that the plans will transform the tax system, so that it is “more effective, more efficient and easier for taxpayers”.

More information is now available on the GOV.UK website and HMRC has also issued a discussion paper on simpler payments.

Charlotte Barbour, ICAS Director of Taxation, said: “We are taking an active part in representing both members’ views and the public interest as further digitisation gets under way at HMRC.

“There is much to commend having online facilities and seeking to reduce costs of tax compliance for all parties.

“However, at the same time, care needs to be taken that during the transformation to digital service levels are not further reduced, and that those who are digitally excluded are properly catered for.”

Members are encouraged to submit their views on this important change to tax collection and administration. Please send your views to


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