Five things CAs need to know this week: 19 June 2017

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

19 June 2017

A look ahead to some of the things happening in business, accountancy and politics this week.

1. Queen’s Speech to take place

Having already been delayed due to events in the past weeks, the State Opening of Parliament and Queen’s Speech is due to take place on Wednesday.

The BBC reports the Queen will “dress down”, breaking with tradition. It also reports that the programme will be “slimmed down”.

The announcement came from Commons leader Andrea Leadsom who said: "The government has agreed with Buckingham Palace that the State Opening of Parliament will take place on 21 June 2017."

[BBC News]

2. Figures on house prices and public sector finances released

The Rightmove house price report for June will be released today (Monday) and is expected to show a continued rise in prices, but at a slower rate. The number of new properties on the market are falling, with the recent election result being a potential factor for sellers' reluctance.

Data relating to public sector finance due on Wednesday is not expected to paint an optimistic picture. The coalition government said in 2010 that it would get rid of the budget deficit by 2014-15.

However, in 2015 this was pushed to 2019-20 and has since been extended further to 2025-26. This could indicate that the UK could end up spending more on servicing debt than other services.

[Investors Chronicle]

3. Brexit talks set to commence

The Prime Minister has said that Brexit negotiations between the UK and the rest of the EU will start this week.

After a meeting with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May said that the talks are “on course”, scheduled to begin today (Monday).

Following the meeting with the President in Paris, Mrs May said: “…I can confirm to President Macron that the timetable for the Brexit negotiations remains on course and will begin next week.”

[The Independent]

4. ICAS Insights: How fake news conquered the world

As part of the flagship ICAS Insights events programme, we’re taking a closer look at the impact of fake news. Our speaker for this exciting event is none other than James Ball - Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, author and acclaimed fake news guru.

Also joining us is Ramsay Jones CBE, former media advisor to David Cameron at Number 10 Downing Street. Ramsay will give his views on whether the General Election of last week proves that tabloids have lost their power to the new world of social media.

The event will be held on 22 June at 6pm in London.


5. Results due from CareTech Holdings, Wolseley and Hornby.

  • Monday: AGM/EGM held by Globalworth Real Estate Investments and Rasmala. Interims due from CareTech Holdings.
  • Tuesday: AGM/EGM held by Coca-Cola, Faroe Petroleum and Marwyn Value Investors. Interims due from Wolseley.
  • Wednesday: AGM/EGM held by Blackstone/GSO Loan Financing, St Peter Port Capital, Tarsus and UK Commercial Property Group. Finals due from Hornby.
  • Thursday: AGM/EGM held by Acron, Saga, Union Jack Oil and Universe Group.
  • Friday:  AGM/EGM held by BH Macro, Griffin Mining, Oracle Coalfields and Trinity Exploration & Production.

[This is Money]


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