Five things CAs need to know this week: 1 April 2019

By Andy Harbison, CA Today

1 April 2019

A look ahead to some of the things happening in business, accountancy and politics this week.

1. Fourth vote on Brexit proposal to be held

MPs will once again seize control of parliamentary time from the government today (Monday) to hold a round of 'indicative votes' on an alternative Brexit plan.

Debating on the potential alternatives will begin this afternoon, with MPs voting on them later in the evening.

It has been reported that Theresa May would then move to put her deal to a commons vote on Tuesday.

MPs were scheduled to go on a two week break from Thursday, April 4. This, however, seems unlikely to go ahead.

[Sky News]

2. Trump threatens to close Mexico border this week

President Donald Trump has stated that it is likely he will close the US border with Mexico this week.

Trump made the threat last week to a group of reporters when he said: "There’s a very good likelihood that I’ll be closing the border next week, and that will be just fine with me."

It has been reported that Trump will close the border in order to stop illegal immigration from Mexico into the US.

However, many critics to this plan have pointed out that closing legitimate ports of entry will have little effect on stopping asylum seekers entering the country, as they have a legal right to request help as soon as they step foot on US soil.


3. New laws on online media to be introduced

Executives of social media companies could face a lengthy prison term if they do not act fast enough to remove offensive material from their sites.

The Australian government will bring the bill to parliament this week following the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, which was live streamed on the social networking site Facebook.

If the bill passes, executives based in Australia could face up to three years in prison and their company fined 10% of its annual turnover if they are found guilty.

[ABC News]

4. US - China trade talks continue

Trade talks between the world's two largest economies will continue this week.

President Donald Trump told reporters last week that so far the talks have been going well, but made it clear that the US will except nothing less than a "great deal".

The talks continue following a war of tariffs between the two countries, with Trump having imposed tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports beginning last July.

[Yahoo Finance]

5. Results due from A G Barr, Eddie Stobart Logistics, Cathay International Holdings Ltd, Alliance Pharma

  • Monday: Interims due from Axa Property. Finals due from Globaltrans Investment and Instem.
  • Tuesday: Finals due from Belvoir Lettings, D P Eurasia, Next Fifteen Communications and Trinity Explorations & Production.
  • Wednesday: Interim due from Gattaca and Urban Exposure. Finals due from AA, Minds + Machines and Shield Therapeutics.
  • Thursday: Finals due from Concurrent Technologies, Saga and Smart Metering Systems.
  • Friday: Finals due from Creo Medical.

[This is Money]


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