Five reasons to implement CRM and practice management software

By Richard McDonald. Account Manager, Relate Software

29 September 2015

Richard McDonald, Account Manager at Relate Software, discusses the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) and practice management software and how it can increase profitability. 

CRM is an integrated approach to managing relationships by focusing on customer retention and relationship development. Companies that successfully implement CRM will reap the rewards in customer loyalty and long run profitability.

Recent field research has shown that a percentage of firms offering professional services still rely on word documents, spreadsheets and even pen and paper to manage customer relations and interactions. Managing customer relations can begin with a simple inbound phone call, but the old adage about first impressions very much applies here. Poor communications - both inbound and outbound - in companies is directly linked to productivity issues. This can be addressed by the implementation of an effective CRM system, which offers users the ability to see an historic view of all client communications on a single screen.

The benefits

  1. An effectively utilised CRM system can promote a customer centric approach to service offerings resulting in increased client satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  2. Client communications and resulting client satisfaction are brough to a whole new level resulting in an increase in referrals.
  3. Users have a single database application for all client communications including emails, phone calls, scanned documents, fees, WIP, Deadline Management, Workflow Management etc. This data can be viewed on a single screen.
  4. Firms can reduce overall marketing costs, increase overall customer response rates, and, most importantly, increase overall customer and firm profitability.
  5. The cost is significantly outweighed by increases in productivity, efficiencies and resulting increases in your bottom line.

Find out more

DRIVE CRM and Practice Management from Relate Software offers users the funtionality to see the WIP balance and current "Fee's Outstanding" on a single screen combined with all client communications. This gives partners, and senior managers a comprehensive on screen snapshot of a client status at any given moment creating the impression for the client that their account is very much clued in to the clients affairs during all communications. All ICAS members get a 10% discount on Accounts Production and Practice Management Software. Valid until 31 December 2015.

To find out more visit Relate Software or call +44 (0) 871 284 3446

About Relate Software
Relate Software was formed in 2001 from the former management team of Apex Software. They have been building software for the accountancy profession for over 25 years. Relate is dedicated to building innovative and focused products specifically for the accountancy profession. Their flagship product DRIVE was released in 2005 and has over 5000 users. Their compliance suite has a growing base of firms who now rely solely on Relate products to run their practice. Their product suite includes their flagship product DRIVE CRM and Practice Management, Accounts Production and Company Secretarial Software.


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