Ethics is at the heart of our Institute

By Anton Colella

19 May 2014

Anton Colella says ethics forms the foundation for the training and work undertaken by CAs.

I was recently recording some video content for the ethics programme which is being undertaken by our students as part of their CA training, and this was a great opportunity to reflect on its importance to all CAs.

In the video, which will soon be made available to students, I made the point that ethics is not an "add-on" to the training but integral to everything that we do.  

Ethics is at the heart of this institute – it has been since it was founded 160 years ago and it will continue to be. This is essential because as a profession it is core to the trust that allows business relationships to flourish.  

Every day I see how the work and actions of our CAs are a force for good, and this is one of the things which makes me so proud to be the CEO of this institute.  

I had a sense of excitement when I was being filmed for that training video because I thought of the calibre of young people who will be joining the profession. I look forward to formally welcoming them to ICAS as members on the completion of their training contracts. At the admissions ceremony they will join together with the other CAs present, to recite the ICAS oath. A fitting way to join the ICAS family and the commencement of a career that will undoubtedly serve the needs of the wider business society.

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