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17 November 2016

This year, ICAS is rolling out a new Annual Membership Renewal process which has been improved to be faster and more efficient.

ICAS chief executive Anton Colella said: “The new Annual Renewal marks another important step in our journey of creating a truly global and virtual ICAS.

"It represents our commitment to delivering transformational digital change for our 21,000 members across the world, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the improvements we’ve made.”

Under the new system, profile information such as address, organisation and job title, if previously completed, will be automatically on your profile and you will only have to update details if they have changed.

The new Profile also enables you to update your profile information at any time throughout the year, not just during the Annual Renewal process. 

Under the new system you can:

  • Check your subscription rate is correct
  • Join ICAS Communities that interest you
  • Save time when completing your Annual Membership Renewal.

Updating your profile online not only helps to ensure that you are on the correct subscription rate once the Annual Renewal process starts, but also allows you to indicate your professional interests.

You can, for example, join a range of ICAS Communities including:

  • Financial Services
  • Business
  • Practice
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Tax

Completing your new Annual Renewal online should take as little as two minutes. The new process is divided into two parts, one for updating your profile and one for the Annual Renewal itself.

If you have previously confirmed your details, and they are up to date, all you will need to complete is the Annual Renewal part of the process. As part of this, you will see a summary of your profile and, if that is correct, simply check your subscription rate is right – as well as any other factors such as whether you require a practising certificate – and enter your payment details. The Professional Declaration is also now placed alongside this part of the process, making it easier to complete.

The online form will display the appropriate subscription rate. As the most efficient and secure way to pay, your annual fee can now only be paid either with a credit or debit card or by direct debit. If you already have a direct debit in place, you will be able to see this on the system, and, if not, you can contact ICAS to set one up.

If you have not yet completed your profile details, this process has also been made simpler and faster.

In summary, the new-look Annual Renewal process aims to help you get the most out of your membership.

New Annual Renewal process FAQs

Will I be able to complete my Annual Renewal on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes. In contrast to the previous system, the Annual Renewal screen is fully optimised for different formats and it will automatically register whether it is being viewed on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

How much should I pay for my membership in 2017?

The amount you are due to pay will be published this month when your Annual Renewal is released. Those on a low income may be eligible for a reduced rate. Check the full list of subscription categories

When do I need to pay my fees?

The deadline for payment is 1 January 2017. You can pay your fees as soon as you have received your Annual Renewal notice. 

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

If you have not completed your Annual Renewal, including paying your subscription fees, by 1 January 2017, you may be charged an administration fee and you may be liable to be removed from membership as of 31 December 2016.

What do I do if I can't pay my fees? 

Please contact Central Registry as soon as possible if you anticipate any difficulties in paying your subscription fees. ICAS will be able to offer guidance and assistance. 

I think I am on the wrong subscription rate: what do I do?

Simply let ICAS know about your current circumstances and Central Registry will be able to update your subscription rate.

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