Laying the foundation for understanding members better

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By Ruth Davidson, Head of Insights & Analytics

12 December 2018

Digital transformation programme lays the foundation for understanding members better.

As ICAS continues its digital journey, Ruth Davidson explains how new technology is helping to shape ICAS’ understanding of its members.

At the end of October ICAS migrated from its legacy system to a new customer-relationship management system (CRM).

This represents a significant step forward for ICAS as this new system will provide us with a deeper understanding of our members, giving us the information we need to serve them better.

For members, the new system will improve the interactions they have with ICAS.

Queries will be responded to quicker due to better visibility and quality of data, allowing us to identify efficiencies in our processes and deliver a better customer experience.

As Head of Insights & Analytics at ICAS one change that I’m particularly excited about is the extent to which these digital advancements will improve our ability to understand our members.

Joining data that was previously fragmented across the organisation into one single source of the truth, we are better equipped than ever before to provide members with the services they expect from a world class business network.

Capitalising on this we are in the process of building a new enterprise data warehouse (EDW) from which we will be able to build dashboards.

These dashboards will give everyone who works at ICAS a greater understanding of members and their activities, bringing members into day-to-day decision making.

This fits in with our goal to make decisions based on evidence and insight. We have made significant progress towards this goal with a number of projects during 2018 which included:

  • Member ‘active listening’ workshops across the UK have been happening since 2015. These have continued exploring topics like ‘Moments that Matter’ and future digital projects.
  • Our first member quantitative research ran in June and is scheduled to run three times a year, with each member receiving the survey once each year. This has allowed us to dig into the drivers of satisfaction and engagement and influence ICAS strategy to improve both metrics.
  • The introduction of student member research which ensures we understand the views of this important audience and what more we can do to support them in their careers.

What does this mean for you?

We hope over time you will feel improvements to the service we provide.

In the meantime, we would encourage you to give us your feedback. Please watch out for both invites to our workshops or to complete our member survey.


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