David and Jennifer are top names for CAs across the globe

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By Isabelle Bell, CA Today

30 October 2015

David and Jennifer are the most popular names for male and female CAs around the world, according to research by CA Today.

If your name is David or Jennifer, you’re 31 and are a Gemini, then you have the most common name, age and star sign of CAs across the globe.

Research by the CA Today team has revealed that David, John and James top the list of male CA names, while Jennifer, Sarah and Fiona are the most common names for female CAs.


Download: The most popular CA names, age and star sign infographic PDF [793 KB]

Globally, Jennifer is the number one female CA name in the UK, Canada and Singapore. Rachel is the most popular name in Australia, while Elizabeth is number one in the USA, Spain and France.

For male CAs, David is the top name for CAs based in the UK, Australia, Bermuda, France, the Republic of Ireland and Spain. John is the most popular name in the USA and Canada, and James is top in Hong Kong and South Africa.

David is also the most common name for FTSE 100 CEOs, as recently reported by City AM.



1. David 1. Jennifer
2. John 2. Sarah
3. James 3. Fiona
4. Robert 4. Laura
5. William 5. Alison
6. Andrew 6. Claire
7. Ian 7. Susan
8. Michael 8. Elizabeth
9. Alan 9. Gillian
10. Thomas  10. Karen

CA Today also discovered that the most common age for both men and women CAs is 31, while Gemini is the most popular star sign (if you're into star signs, of course).


  1. Gemini
  2. Aries
  3. Pisces
  4. Libra
  5. Leo

Michael McGlinchey, Head of Editorial at ICAS said: “These statistics provide a fascinating and fun insight into our membership around the world. It is also interesting that David is also the top name for FTSE 100 CEOs.

“The fact that our most common age for members is now 31 is a sign of the demographic changes in our membership."


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