The week in two minutes: 5 February 2016

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By Michael McGlinchey, CA Today

4 February 2016

A round-up of recent top content you may have missed from CA Today.

Working faster with Word

We’ve followed up our top tips guides for Excel with a look at some the tricks and shortcuts in Microsoft Word. We have nine tips available in this article but perhaps you know some more. We’d love to hear from you.

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Anton Colella: PM should heed accountants’ views on EU

With Prime Minister David Camerson renegiotiating the UK’s relationship with the EU, ICAS CEO Anton Colella said he should listen to the views of accountants, as outlined in a recent study by the CCAB.

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Is it the end of the ‘big cash handout’?

A leading professional development expert said large cash-based bonus payments to finance workers are becoming less common as employers look to provide other incentives which focus on loyalty and consistent performance.

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Tax-saving tips old and new

While the tax filing season may be over, Donald Drysdale said there is still much work to do for tax practitioners ahead of the 5 April deadline, and a range of old and new tax reliefs available.

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Auto-enrolment and what it means for SMEs

Practice Support Specialist Jeremy Clarke offers advice and information to help you guide your clients through their obligations in providing a workplace pension for employees in the UK.

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Tax taking centre stage in election

Political parties in Scotland have made tax-raising powers a key manifesto areas ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in May, with Scottish Labour proposing a penny rise on the Scottish Rate of Income Tax for the less well-off.

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Getting IT projects right – three simple rules

Anthony Harrington examines some of the common perils and pitfalls in managing IT-based projects – and some simple ways to ensure projects are delivered to specification, on time and within budget.

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Days numbered for Deputy CEOs?

Just three FTSE 100 companies have deputy CEOs, promoting doubts about the future of the role in organisation structures. However, the absence of the role has led to concerns about succession planning.

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