10 things we learnt this week: 25 March 2016

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By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

25 March 2016

A round-up of recent top content you may have missed from CA Today.

1. ICAS called on Scotland's politicians to put economy first

ICAS has called on politicians contesting the Scottish Parliamentary Elections to put "promoting the performance and productivity of the Scottish economy first". ‘Counting on Change’ sets out ICAS' vision for the Scottish economy and calls for maximum focus on sustainable economic growth.

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2. The role of a CFO is quickly changing

As the role of the finance function begins to evolve, CFOs will soon be involved in business strategy and planning to drive profit and growth, claims a new report.

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3. ICAS held its Annual Admission Ceremony

The next generation of CAs took the next step in their journey into the world of finance, as over 300 newly-qualified CAs were admitted to ICAS membership.

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4. Quarterly reporting is a thing of the past

A report released by the Investment Association details plans to stop FTSE 100 companies producing quarterly reports.

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5. The search is on for the top 35 CAs under 35

ICAS launched its search for the top 35 CAs under 35. The overall winner of the awards will be crowned this year’s ‘One Young CA’ and will represent ICAS at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada


6. Finance firms urged to sign pledge to tackle gender gap

Some of the UK’s top financial firms have signed up to a government backed charter which aims to improve gender equality in the boardroom.

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7. The best (and worst) places for job satisfaction in the world

Ireland is the happiest place to work in Europe and London is the top city for job satisfaction in the UK, according to a new survey.

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8. The banks that paid the biggest bonuses

Citigroup pays the highest average bonus of around £83,000, a new study has found. Bonuses for upper management generally fell with those of analysts and graduates increasing.

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9. Eight free apps to get you through the 9 to 5

We have selected our picks of the best work, travel and play apps to help you get through your 9 to 5. From up to date news, to end of day stress relievers.

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10. The fastest growing sectors in Australia

Physiotherapy, meat and tourism are among some of the sectors experts are predicting to grow in the Australian economy.

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